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Where do you manufacture your products?Updated 7 months ago

We manufacture our products globally. SMAI stocks over 3000 products, and we source our products from global locations that are specialists in the production of that specific type of product. We only work with manufacturers that can produce products that are of a quality that SMAI expects, and at a price point that our customers expect. 

 As of writing, our goods are produced around the globe, however, locations are subject to change over time as different regions emerge as new specialists. The below information is general, and specific products may be sourced from other global locations. 

Leather goods, including our boxing range, are primarily produced in Pakistan. Over 35 years of experience have shown us that the leather craftsmanship and hand-stitching quality performed by the craftspeople of Pakistan is superior to any other location. 

 Flooring goods, such as our SMAI martial arts jigsaw mats, are manufactured in Taiwan.  The quality of the materials and precision of the machining is vastly superior to other locations. Other flooring options are manufactured in the United States, for example, our Dollamur flooring rolls. 

 Steel and Rubber based goods, for example: weight lifting equipment, gym equipment, and fitness equipment, are primarily manufactured in China. As Chinese manufacturers are specialists in Steel and rubber manufacturing, they are the industry standard location for producing high-quality steel products at a scale that the fitness industry demands. 


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