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Air Spin Bike Firmware Upgrade V1.39 - Download and Install instructionsUpdated 2 years ago

The latest firmware for the Air Spin Bike Monitor is available to download here. This version is V1.39 and fixes the following issue. 



Monitor may continue counting calories for a short time if resistance fan continues to spin but pedals have stopped moving. For example, if a rider dismounts at a very high speed, the monitor may continue to count 4-6 calories while the fan slows down. 



Upgrade monitor firmware to V1.39

  1. Download and unzip firmware version file, from this page. Click here to download
  2. Copy the unzipped file, called BC29169.UPD, to a USB thumb drive
  3. Plug the USB thumb drive into the back of the console. Wait for the console to go through 0 to 100% install and console has restarted. V1.39 is now installed


Do not remove USB until update is complete and the console has restarted. Early removal may cause console malfunction. 

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