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Air Ski Machine Maintenance & CareUpdated 2 years ago

The Air Ski Machine features an advanced pulley system within the chassis. Regular care and maintenance is required to ensure safe use of the machine. 

Follow the below maintenance and care schedule to prolong the life of internal components. 


Untwist the cords:

When you grasp the handles to use your AIR SKIER, you may be inadvertently twisting the cords, this may cause the cords to twist around each other inside AIR SKIER, it will affect the tangled feeling when you pull on the handles and this may cause premature wear of the cord. To avoid this, check the cords regularly and untwist them as needed. You will be able to see the twist in the cord; simply untwist by turning the handle in the opposite direction to the twist or adjust the cords by the below steps:

  1. Pull out both handles as far as they go
  2. Hold the cords at the mounting bracket allowing the handles to dangle and spin freely.
  3. Run your hand down the length of each cord to untwist the cord.
  4. Return the handles to the top position.
  5. Repeat above step 1 ~ 4 two times at least.

 Excessive twisting will cause wear and also may lead to cords dislodging from the pulleys



Inspect the Cords (about after 50 hours of use)

There are two separate cords and two bungee cords within the chassis to be inspected after a period time of regular use. Inspect the Cord Wear/Damage:

  • Over time the surface of the cords will show “fuzzing.” If this “fuzzing” becomes worse in a localized spot on the cord it is time to replace the cord. (pls see the photo)
  • Over time the bungee cord will appear some “fuzzing” is normal, but once the white fibers are exposed the cord should be replaced immediately.

It is very important to also check within the handles as incorrect technique in the ski motion such as wrist flicking will cause the cord to wear against the top of the handle and must be also inspected this can be done by moving the stopper to view the cord within the handle



After general maintenance above has been completed remove the “Maintenance” reminder from the screen using the steps below:


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