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Air Ski - Machine cord maintenance and repairUpdated 2 years ago

Important: When inspecting the cord ensure to pull the handle out of the unit as far as possible to check the entirety of the length including inside the handle. For more detail on what to look for and how often to inspect your machine read this article:Air Ski Machine Maintenance & Care

Upon identifying signs of wear and tear on the cord, follow the steps as soon as possible to rectify the issue prior to snapping the cord.

  1. Pull the handle out of the unit giving you some slack to work with


  2. Remove the screws (2) located on the underside of the handle

  3. Remove the end plug from the handle

  4. Remove the cord from the end plug


  5. Shorten the cord in order to remove the affected section of cord


  6. Seal the end of the cord with a lighter to prevent fraying

  7. Feed 6mm heatshrink tube onto the cord this is a preventative measure that will prolong the life of the cord from friction as the plastic will wear rather than the cord

  8. Double knot the end of the cord as seen in the images


  9. Feed the cord back around the handle end plug as illustrated placing the knot back into the cradle


  10.  Apply direct heat to the shrink tube this will shrink the tube and lock it in place


  11. Reassemble the handle by pushing the end plug back into the handle and fixing screws end image will look as attached as you can see there is an additional protective layer on the cord at the point of contact with the handle

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