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Air Rower - How to update the firmware on the Air Rower monitorUpdated 2 years ago

To update the firmware of the monitor on the Air Ski Machine, Air Rower & Air Spin Bike the process is as follows.

  1. First, check your current version by clicking More Options > Version. The latest version is V1.39 if you have an older version proceed on with the next steps.

  2. Format a USB thumb drive(Please note: this will delete everything on it).

  3. Click here to download the firmware files & copy to the USB

  4. Unzip the file and then eject the USB. 


  5. On the monitor navigate again to More Options > Version

  6. Insert the USB thumb drive on the back of the monitor and wait for it to automatically recognise and update.
    (If you are having troubles you may have to shut down the monitor by removing the batteries, wait a few minutes then put the batteries back and turn on again).

  7. Wait for the update to finish then remove the USB drive.
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